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Seeding rates

Seeding rates depend upon the species and whether they are planted alone or in combination with another species. The seed label lists the percentage weight of each species in the mixture. Another factor to keep in mind is seed number. There are approximately 1.5 million seeds in a pound of KBG seed and 250,000 seeds in a pound of perennial ryegrass. So seeding a mixture containing 70% PRG and 30% KBG would actually result in a 50:50 mix of KBG and PRG.

Seed or Seed Mixture % Weight Seed Rate lbs./ 1,000 sq. ft. Time between Seeding and Play
Kentucky bluegrass (KBG) 100% 1-3 9-12 months
Kentucky bluegrass (KBG) +
Perennial ryegrass (PRG)
80-90% +
3-4 6 months
PRG should not make up more than 20% of the mixture unless you want predominately a PRG stand
Kentucky bluegrass (KBG) +
Perennial ryegrass (PRG)
3-5 3 months
Perennial ryegrass (PRG) 100% 4-6 <3 months
Tall Fescue (TF) 100% 6-8 9 months
Does not mix well with PRG. Should be at least 85-90% when mixed with KBG.

Pure live seed is the percent (%) of seed that is pure and viable and capable of germinating. For example if you had a blend of Kentucky bluegrasses at 95% and the germination listed is 85% the pure live seed capable for germinating would be 81%: (.95) (.85) = 81%

You need to buy ~20% more seed to provide the recommended amount.